Solar Software Solutions

Improve Solar Energy Operations with Our  Software Solutions

Solar power is a sustainable, renewable source of energy that is harnessed using a range of technologies such as photovoltaics, solar heating, artificial photosynthesis and more. Our expert developers customize solar software to improve the design, construction and management of these systems.
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Solar Software Development

Our developers at Bytetracs customize solar software to make solar resource assessments, advance site-specific energy forecasts and elevate design configurations and system layout. We program modules that commission and test system performance, supervise and run system health and perform control commands that enable the integration of (photovoltaic) PV systems to a utility grid.

Solar Energy Management

We customize energy management software to inspect projects from the office, reducing travel time and overtime paid to on-site workers. Our solar software solutions include production modeling and forecasting, energy loss trend viewing and downtime/underperformance tracking. We customize multi-site management tools, Decision Support Systems (DSS) and automated corrective actions.

Solar Design Software

Our skilled developers will program CAD tools  with features for 2D and 3D single-line drawings, real-time mapping and integrated solutions/scenario testing. We develop built-in component and equipment databases, bill of materials generation and other features.


Solar Billing Software

We engineer flexible, end-to-end billing solutions for your business. Our development solutions serve various metering and billing software solutions, including net metering, gross metering and self-consumption metering. We automate billing workflows based on energy usage and generation data. We create billing solar software that is tailored to the rate plans and time frames that work for your business.

Photovoltaic Software

Photovoltaic systems use semiconducting materials to convert sunlight into energy via solar panels. Our developers create advanced solutions for high-functioning PV management systems, such as applications for solar panel sizing, PV site design and shading analysis. We program energy production simulations, panel performance monitoring, maintenance, reporting and much more.

Solar Proposal Software

Our developers provide streamlined solar proposal software solutions that eliminate cluttered spreadsheets and PowerPoints. We create modules to aggregate the information from solar designs and simulations to calculate financial returns for loans, leases, PPAs and cash payments. We will create customized templates for sales proposals derived from the combination of design and financial information.

Solar Sensor & Tracking Software

We develop sensor applications and tracking software that can be used with PV systems to prevent loss of power output. We program features for real-time data logging, automation processes and interfaces to the grid. Our developers round out systems with analytics tools, a solar panel calculator, reporting tools and much more.

Solar Energy Platform Services

We program solar energy platforms for small to large systems, from individual homes to solar farms, with remote management that has real-time data and cloud connectivity. We engineer solar software solutions for evolving technologies such as solar heating, solar architecture, molten salt power plants and solar thermal energy.