Distant yet dependable “Round the Clock” SLA Management

Bytetracs stands out and stands tall as the best IT Support to match and surpass your contracted SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Irrespective of the services you intend to furnish your customers with or the service standard you are obligated to meet, we guarantee compliance at any and every point in time, through our speedy recoveries and best practice protocols.

We understand that your clients want flawless service availability, dependency and unwavering support. You can trust us to match and surpass your anticipations.

Event Management Services

Our automated service capture every event reported and the knowledge gained in the resolve of an issue which can be used for future references and prescriptions. We also can track ticket performance and ticket statuses for every event/issue reported.

Close-Watch Support Services

Bytetracs Close-Watch involves a flexible round-the-clock approach to critical events/issues from our experts who provide prompt support and internal escalation process using our top-notch infrastructure, guaranteeing compliance with all SLAs. We are flexible enough to easily integrate any future augments.

Reporting Services

Our professionals can troubleshoot, deploy patches, manage and process events while identifying and analyzing the root-cause using our robust reporting software. You can trust us to match and surpass your SLA anticipations.