Sales Force Management

Certified Sales Force Partners

Do you intend to increase your sales delivery? Engage our certified salesforce developers to help administer, boost and encourage your sales team to close more deals. Bytetracs will understudy your business goals and create the market niche tools, features and enhancements needed to increase ROIs and promote business growth.


Improved CRM Experience

We implement cutting edge solutions to analyse your business stages and workflows with the aim of providing you with a tailored Salesforce CRM. Our implementation experts who are well known with the back-end industry intelligence will ensure all your sales force solution is operating in line with your business processes.

Improved Business Efficiencies

Our specialized and certified professionals will provide continuous support and maintenance to addressing any issue instantly. We provide go-ahead checks and monitoring, robust security, data management glitch resolution, scheduled maintenance, identifying areas that need improvements.


Master Apex Development

Our developers are adept with the Apex programming language. With Apex, we will influence your business with logic such as button clicks, email services, report updates and Visual Force pages. We also create using Apex, compound business processes not supported on your workflow, create variable logic and also attach logic to your other business activities.

VisualForce Structure Professionals

ByteTracs professionals leverage on adept knowledge and expertise in VisualForce structure to develop tailor-made user interfaces and also simplify database operations. We create fully customized CRM solutions by applying VisualForce to repeal standard buttons, overview pages, create tailored help pages, dashboard components and many more.

Powerful Salesforce Integration Services

No matter your data integration needs, we connect existing apps to improve inter-operability, exploit Apps functionality, connect internal databases, accounting systems, ERP systems, Social media apps, e-commerce platforms, etc. to create a one-off powerful solution.

Custom Platform and APP Development

ByteTracs develop suitable apps, web apps, portals and integration solutions with enhanced features enabling syncing and app exchange with collaboration software instantly. We also utilize REST/SOAP, SOQL, Apex, VisualForce etc. for the development of our customized solutions.

Ensure Effectiveness

Our experts creates and enhance the sales force user interfaces with objects, tailored to meet customization need. APIs like Amazon AWS, Docusign etc. can be integrated on our platform, ensuring effectiveness.

Automated Task Configurations

We help give efficiency in business, by automating flow processes in your business with tailored configurations of workflows, reports and analytics, e-mail templates, validation rules and many more. Our goal is to give your salesforce, improvement on their deliverables.

Business Data Visibility

Our MetaData APIs pull and migrate MetaData components to your sales force, from your cloud based platforms or traditional systems. We also harmoniously stores and moves all business data stored locally or in other systems to your cloud platform.