Our Customer Group

Today’s customers have higher expectations both online and offline.
We help you meet these expectations across all your operations.

Customer management

At Bytetracs we Keep track of your customers across all sales channels in a centralised database. We Offer a personalised experience no matter where they are.


Customer self-service

We Give customers the ability to track their purchase history across all your sales channels, lodge returns and make layby payments.

Customer loyalt

We Reward loyal customers with a loyalty points program. Customers can earn credit that can be used towards future purchases

Customer snapshot

At Bytetracs, our team Quickly explore each customer’s account to view vital statistics such as purchase history, last contact date, outstanding balance and more. This helps track progress and help in future decision making.

Custom fields

We Collect the precise information we need by extending the native field set with customers own custom fields.

Third-party add-ons

Extend the power of each customer group with third-party add-ons, including help desk systems, CRM platforms, and email marketing solutions.
Pop up login window
We Improve user experience by allowing customers to log in through a convenient pop-up modal accessible from any page. This lets them log in near-instantly, bypassing the traditional multipage login.

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