Loan Servicing and Origination

Let Our Custom Loan Software do it for you

The right loan servicing and origination software needs to be robust. It needs to handle underwriting, origination, disbursement, servicing, amortization and a whole lot more. Our expert team of developers can deliver the custom loan servicing and origination solution you need.

Loan Servicing and
Management Systems

We creates custom loan servicing systems, and Loan Management Systems (LMS) for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. These systems contain robust features for loan origination, underwriting, amortization, processing, and disbursement. We also track various loan types including personal, business, student, mortgage, car, installment, payday, and cash advance.

Loan Decision Support

We engineer Decision Support Systems (DSS), integrated with background check and credit reporting bureaus (Experian, TransUnion & Equifax). These systems contain customizable rule-based engines for risk assessment, using third parties such as Data X, Microbilt, Clarity, and DecisionLogic.

Custom Loan Servicing Portals

We program loan acquisition portal software, integrated with CRM platforms, for accurate data capture, pipeline management, and account aggregation. We code self-service customer portals for document management, statement and balance viewing, payment processing, and payoff calculating. We also develop borrower and creditor dashboards for managing multi-lender and syndicated loans, co-borrowing, multiple loan officers, and Metro 2 credit reporting.

Loan Origination

We program Loan Origination Systems (LOS), including modules for online loan applications, underwriting, credit pull, decision support, conditions tracking, and more. We develop loan document management applications with upload, parsing, data extraction, document storage, and document preparation features, integrated with compliance management modules.

Loan Amortization Calculation

We program multiple loan rates, including fixed, variable, step-rate, credit lines, multi-draw, Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), interest-only mortgage, term, commitment, and non-revolving. We also support multiple interest calculations, including simple, compound, regular periodic, actual days, and the Rule of 78s.

Loan Settlement Software Platforms

Our expert programmers create debt payment and settlement platforms that feature automated billing and auto debit. These platforms support Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments, credit cards, bank accounts, electronic wallets, and other payment types. We provide the best loan processing and disbursement software solutions by leveraging third-party vendors like BlastPay and AutoPal.


Our loan servicing and origination software development experts ensure your software complies with fair lending standards, including the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA).