GIS/LBS Software Development Services

Gather, Query, Analyze and Share Critical Geospatial data and Locations.

Bytetracs provide tailor-made GIS software development solutions to help in the continuous capture of Geospatial information into a reliable database and creation of interactive maps. We also develop Location Based software that offers the right information at the right time in the right location so you can act on it immediately.


Custom GIS/LBS Software Development Service

Our experts program customized Location-based services (LBS) and Geographic Information system (GIS), so you can gather accurate location-wise data, generate maps with your datasets, identify and log location information in real-time, etc. We are experienced in working with third party GIS tools such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapDotNet, MapPro and many more.

Custom GeoSpatial Software

We have analytics experts who create robust APIs that can be used for aerial, topographic, sociological, hydrological research studies, efficient routing, forecasting climate, self-driving vehicles, regional and urban planning, etc. by leveraging on Geo-spatial intelligence tool and several big data sources.

Geoprocessing and Geocoding

We develop by levels of programming, an automated Geoprocessing software to allow you to define, manage, and analyze geographic information in order to make informed decisions. Using our solution, addresses, interest spots, businesses, landmarks and loads more can be populated on your choice map; Needless to worry, the process is converted automatically.

GIS/LBS Database Designs

Bytetracs design, develop and deploy on-cloud database management systems (MySQL, Navicat, Apache, Oracle DB, Microsoft server SQL, etc.) giving users the ability to gather either by download or upload, query and share geospatial datasets. Our developed database is plugged with sensor and IoTs software to move data using web application services.

Active Mapping Interfaces

Our GIS/LBS solution can be viewed in many thematic map styles- whether in 2D and/or 3D- giving you a revealing, breathtaking, and interactive map. We also design legends, annotation, symbols, overlays and more, allowing infinite layers and styles.

Data Gathering Solutions

Our service is stress-free when users capture and upload the geographic data they require instantly, irrespective of the source.