Field Service Management

Making simple, complex field services!

Our ingrown Bytetracs field service application puts together all the demand from field service management into one powerful package that is tailored to serving all business organization necessities.


Field Service Mobile Apps

Our expert developers give flexibility and ease of accessing your vital documents and information by leveraging on your mobile devices for instant project photo uploads, vouchers, slips, etc. We can also give real-time tracking of deliveries, updating you with places where change request originates using your mobile device GPS software.

Job Planning Solutions

Most of the job task anchored by field managers are automated using our expert solution which generates all schedule types (Critical Path Method, Gantt, PERT), allot assets (tools and labor), and assigns roles whether you use our desktop, mobile, and browser-based job scheduling applications. Field managers can schedule and re-schedule assignments with our user-friendly interfaces.

Human Resource scheduling

Our experts can automate technician/contractor scheduling and workload distribution based on factors like availability, ability or skillsets, and union labor rules while updating your with worker’s location, resumption and closure time, and also travel times. Less worry as we also support the integration of HR and payroll applications into our robust and versatile application.

Billing and Invoicing on-the-spot

With our elaborate solution, you can calculate quotes, generate invoices, process payments and accept e-signatures automatically on the spot with platforms that easily integrates with your CRM and accounting systems. We also support your choice card-reader hardware and gateway payment channel.

Instant Communication

With our customized application you can tell the whereabouts of your field personnel. You can leverage on our top-notch telephony and VoIP programming to get crystal clear communication between field service app and transmittal platforms while maintaining secured communication with your customers whether they intend to make a request for or complain about a service, issue payments or give recommendation about a job done.

Inventory Control

Maintain a superb oversight on all your inventory wherever. Our experts design centralize database which embeds custom inventory modules use to request parts, equipment, materials, and machinery. Our solution is flexible as it automates re-orders after reaching a certain limit. Using this solution, keeps your field technicians abreast of all they need to have to do the job aright.