Energy Management Solutions

Power Your Energy Management Software with THE BEST Solutions

Energy management can be a monumental task for an organization, from analyzing consumption to reducing costs and everything in between. Our software developers streamline all tasks with complete custom energy management solutions. We provide resolutions for utility asset management, billing services and much more.


Utility Management Software

We create customized energy management solutions for any challenge that arises. Challenges include the inability to truly capture utility cost or the difficulty of setting up and maintaining meter hierarchies and served locations. We develop tailored energy and utility software with data normalization to oversee energy consumption for water, sewer,electric, nuclear, natural gas, solar, wind and other resources.

Smart Grid Data Processing Solutions

We engineer smart grid processing software to analyze extremely large amounts of complex information managed by smart grids. Smart grids promote renewable energy usage and advanced performance. Our energy management solutions include real-time data streaming, customizable dashboards and geospatial database integrations. We program features for spatial modelling, predictive analytics and modules for deferral of grid investments.

Utility SCADA Services

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems help utilities deliver power consistently, decrease costs and are aids for advancements like futuristic, self-healing smart grids. We develop SCADA systems that are combined with advanced DSM analysis and energy management software for transmission operations. We also embed an OMS with a modular, flexible platform with common user experience.


Behind the Meter Energy Storage Systems

A Behind the Meter (BTM) system is specially designed for renewable energy management and reduces the carbon footprint of a building by generating energy from local sources. It also reduces electrical bills greatly, has a typical payback of 8 years and much more. We provide BTM software application programming that includes interoperability with various Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hardware systems.


Utility Billing Software Services

We engineer web-based and cloud automated bill calculation systems for metered and non-metered utilities, among other options. We integrate features from third-party utility billing software vendors, including Cogsdale, Continental Utility Systems and EnergyCAP. We program software for comprehensive customer portals, online payments and eBilling.


Digital Technology Integrations

Our developers can incorporate the latest in digital technology energy management solutions into the software we produce for your business. We integrate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into training and operation components. We develop Computer Aided Design (CAD) and mapping applications for accurate dimensional analysis and virtualization of utility infrastructure.


Utility Asset Management Software

Our energy management solutions assist businesses with tracking and documentation, optimizing resource utilization and service level improvement. We develop network infrastructure systems that include utility asset management, integrations with a contractor and partner systems and asset lifecycle management. We program data governance features, asset performance monitoring and other functions.

Demand-Side Management (DSM) Programming

Encourage energy conservation with energy demand management principles, like financial incentives and education that catalyzes behavioral change. Our developers program demand-side management (DSM) initiative modules which include lowered rates, incentives and utility controls. In addition, we code real-time information models and customer education/feedback management. We write DSM applications for load shifting and reduction functions.

Power Distribution Management System

A good distribution management system (DMS) monitors and controls the total distribution network effectively and reduces outages, minimizes outage time and upholds adequate voltage and frequency levels. Our developers build software architecture for DMS applications that’s integrated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS).

Energy Portfolio Management Software

We help you make the most of your energy portfolio, lowering costs while balancing energy needs. We develop resource portfolio management modules such as demand and procure management, formula and index-based pricing and short and long term energy use planning. We develop features for storage fill management, supply management and hedging/options.

Utilities Field Service Software

Our developers program energy management solutions for field services software. This software capitalizes power production, preserves assets securely and manages the difficulties of aging infrastructure and legacy paper-based systems. We develop features for data capture to a mobile device, crew scheduling and GPS service routing. We code features for work order processing, geolocation/geotagging and other options for optimizing mobile workforce activities.


Utilities Intelligent Workflow Programming

Our developers create customizable workflow software for a variety of tasks, such as a review process for outage management scheduling and organization of digital safety work permits. Our energy management solutions automate resource delivery and storage workflows.