Electric Utility Software Development

Electrical Utilities with Ease

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Managing electrical power sources is an immense undertaking with multiple facets. Our developers at Bytetracs  have an extensive amount of experience programming electric utility software. From utilities network information management to electric mobile app software development, our utility solutions have you covered.


Electric Software Services

Our developers customize electric utility software for generation, transmission, distribution and retail. We provide Distribution Management Systems (DMS) for network monitoring and operations support. We’ll program an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) that automates outage restoration and optimizes the performance of distribution grids.

Utilities Network Information 

We can develop a network information management system for utilities with interface services. It will be able to connect and combine data from utility Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Customer Information Systems (CIS), Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and other systems. This electric utility software creates network connectivity which combines technical and financial information on assets, resources and customers.

Electric Performance Metrics Tools

We program custom algorithms to calculate electricity functions. These include load, voltage drops and fault currents, as well as counts, runs and more. In addition, our developers program electrical simulation software that includes features for situational conditions, predictive modeling and automated suggestions for design and function flaws.


Service Oriented Architectures

Electric power systems consist of transmission lines, transformers, power plants and support structures. Maintenance is a time-consuming, heavy task. We program event-driven Service Oriented Architectures (SOA 2.0) that enable real-time metering, usage management, automated response controls and transparent billing tools to make the job easier.


Electric Operations Management Solutions

Our programmers customize automation tools that manage the switching states of the electric distribution network from main supply points down to smart meters. We develop integrations with outage management applications for fault locations, isolation and supply restoration. We program features in an outage management system (OMS) for the calculation of restoration times and crews required for restoration.

Electrical Estimating 

Our developers program electrical estimating software to give the fastest, most accurate results to achieve more bid jobs. We code materials and equipment databases, customizable assemblies and industry-specific quote calculators. In addition, we add dynamic takeoff, symbols recognition/custom symbols creation and more.

Electric Mobile App Software

We program custom mobile apps for electricians that include field service tools, document management conversion, calculators and estimators. We develop diagrams, drawing tools, reference guides and other features. We add in tools for booking, push notifications, rating and reviewing service and much more.

Utility Network Design

Our developers create interactive design modules to manage electric utilities with a built-in workflow management system. We use GIS tools for the visualization and analyzation of utilities networks and design district energy networks. We design electric distribution networks with primary, secondary and public lighting network layouts.


Our energy and utilities software development experts ensure compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) and other regulations.