Backup and Disaster Recovery

Trust Us to Keep Your Data Safe

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) are two very critical and applicable different components of any layered IT security strategy. With our BDR service, you can get your systems back up and running – no matter how minor or major the technical hitches.


Backup as a Service

Our Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and disaster recovery solutions automatically backups large datasets either in full, incremental, differential, mirror, or in continuous steps ensuring firm Recovery Point and Time Objectives (RPO/RTO) and data retention standards. We integrate on-site, local, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures with dynamic backup solutions for file, object, database and image storage setups

Disaster Recovery Solutions

We perform recovery paths via the cloud, installed drives and native clients, using versioning, rollback, RAID protection, data deduplication, change management and sync store techniques.

All vital systems are carefully evaluated and potential risks identified before we establish a disaster recovery plan that will ensure limited downtime and full data integrity.

Backup Software Implementation

We fulfill backup solutions for all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as many cloud storage and platform virtualization software systems (Hyper-V, SQL, VMware and NetApp filer, to name a few). We help to perform and configure leading enterprise backup systems from Azure, ESET, Acronis, Macrium, Amazon Web Services (AWS),  Carbonite, Cobian, CloudBerry etc.

Cloud and Hybrid Backup Services

Our experts build cloud-based backup solutions domiciled in proprietary off-site data centers, co-location facilities or a hybrid combination of servers. Our experts have experience working with public and private cloud infrastructures, as well as cloud-to-cloud services. We also establish robust data archiving, local access and firewall management control panels for all cloud servers.

Local Backup Solutions

We are experienced with various native backup appliances, virtual tape drive libraries, magnetic tape servers,  and disk-to-disk backup systems. We provide data migration and server re-engineering solutions to enhance and replace tape backups, on-premise tape libraries, and off-premise data center archiving services to improve the longevity, modularity, and cost efficiency of your systems.

Server Security

We protect your systems from cyber-attacks using durable vulnerability scans, SSL/AES encryptions, change detection, multithreaded transport, and data compression functionality. Our security solutions comply with industry standards, such as healthcare (HIPAA), defense (ITAR), finance (SOX) etc.