Asset tracking

Keep your asset safe and secured, Locate them with ease

Obtaining the right information about your assets — in the right way and at the right time.

Organizations will run smoothly –increasing profits and reducing downtime, knowing that their assets are safe and secured. We can help you maintain constant feedback from your assets by providing you, precise place and position of all of your assets. We can get you this visibility by developing your asset tracking software solution tailored your specific need – whether business, logistics, employee processes or assets.

Mobile Asset Management

Our Mobile management solution cuts across native (Android and iOS) and cross-platform mobile apps which can be customized to suit your every need. Our professionals are certified developers for mobile platforms and open to understanding your every requirement. Our app solutions are built with GPS-powered asset tracking maps, camera, scanners, and full database functionality.

Barcode Solutions

Bytetracs specializes in providing industry-specific Barcode software solutions developed for tracking assets in manufacturing, government facilities, engineering, healthcare, oil-and-gas, etc. Our customized barcode solutions include a mobile phone scanning app, robust barcode scanner software and live-reporting database.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Our solution can be tailor-made to maintain an up-to-date record of your fixed assets, Whether it be your computers, office furniture, or equipment used out on a job. We also can execute new systems and incorporate asset tracking modules into legacy facility management platforms – So that your current platform is still relevant.

IT Asset Tracking

Our solution from renowned experts can be developed to easily track the condition and location of all your IT assets, record supplier and user information, Scan or produce barcodes for check-in/check-out in your facilities. We also can perform single- or multi-facility RFID tracking, and GPS systems for tracking assets in the field, as viewing activity logs and reports.

RFID Technology Solutions

Bytetracs develops on-site and cloud-based RFID tracking software, including standard dashboards, central databases, embedded scanner and tag printer technology, even mobile scanning apps. We also make possible RFID scanners – regardless of the range and antennae that reports live asset location.

GPS Asset Tracking

Our GPS asset tracking system can assist you with your tool and equipment management to help save time and money as well as fleet management. By helping you get rid of needless waste, loss, and theft, GPS tracking can lower your monthly operational costs. We provide you Real-time tracking, to keep you aware of your asset locations and status information. We also can customize your solution with historical tracking that lets’ you view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time.